Rowing Seasons and Regattas

The following is information regarding Tempe Junior Crew rowing seasons and regattas.

FALL SEASON – called the “head” season, the fall season runs from early September to mid December. Athletes row a 5K in a single file “head race” and are started in 5-10 second increments. Our fall season typically consists of a local regatta (called the “Hot Head”) in early October and 3 out-of-state regattas. The out-of-state regattas are usually in California, but it varies on which regatta(s) the coaches and committee decide upon.

SPRING SEASON – called the “sprint” season, the spring season runs from early January to mid May. The ideal course distance is 2K but some of the venues have a shorter course. Sprint races are in heats of up to 7 rowers/heat. Our spring season kicks off with the Arizona Indoor Rowing Championships held at Brophy College Prep in either late January/early February where the kids compete in a 2K on the ergs (rowing machines). “Desert Sprints” is in March at Tempe Town Lake. The team typically competes in one or two other California regattas in the spring before finishing the regular season at the Southwest Regional Championships in Sacramento in early May. Depending on our success at Regionals, we may have some rowers going on to Nationals in June.

Local regattas are a 1 day commitment. The out-of-state regattas are 2-3 day commitments. The development team competes at our local regattas only, but some members may compete at other regattas by coach invite. The competitive rowers can pick and choose which out-of-state regattas they attend, but are encouraged to go to as many as possible. Regionals is by coach selection.

If you have any questions regarding regattas please e-mail our Regatta Chair: