Fall Rowing Season Registration

The Tempe Junior Crew Fall Season starts September 3, 2019 and ends early-December.

Fall Registration for all Tempe Junior Crew Rowers:

All steps must be completed before a rower can attend practice.

Note Regarding Scanning and Emailing Documents: If you do not have a scanner, but have a smart phone, you can scan your signed paperwork with the Adobe Scan app available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.  Please do not send multiple photographs of your documents; please use a PDF app.  All documents should be scanned and emailed to membership@tempejuniorcrew.org.

Please make sure you are a member of the TJC Google Group to ensure you receive important TJC emails.  All rowers and parents should be members.

Step 1 – Float Test

All Tempe Junior Crew rowers must have a Float Test on file with us.  If your rower has previously rowed with Tempe Junior Crew, they should have a Float Test already on file and you can skip this step.

If your rower has not previously rowed with Tempe Junior Crew, then we must receive a Float Test Form.  If you have previously rowed with another club, you can try to obtain a copy from them.  If you are unable to do so you will need to complete a Float Test.

Contact your local public pool or YMCA for Float Test availability.  Float Tests must be completed in a pool under the supervision of a lifeguard certified by the American Red Cross.

Please download the Float Test Form for additional information.

Completed Float Test Forms can be brought to the Parent/Team Meeting or scanned and emailed to membership@tempejuniorcrew.org.

Download: Float Test Form

Step 2 – USRowing Membership

Each rower MUST have a USRowing Championship Membership that will be valid through December 10, 2019.

  • All rowers must purchase a Basic Membership plus Regatta Package or a Championship Membership.  (The Championship Membership includes a magazine subscription to USRowing’s magazine)
  • Current rowers must ensure their USRowing membership does not expire before December 10, 2019.
  • All rowers must make sure Tempe Junior Crew is listed under Member’s Organization.  The Tempe Junior Crew Club Code is B6ATY.
  • If a rower does not have the proper USRowing Membership, they will not be allowed on the water.

Go to: USRowing – Join or Renew Membership

Step 3 – Tempe Junior Crew Fall Membership Application

Each rower must complete a Fall Membership Application online.  Your rower will need to have a valid USRowing Membership number and expiration date before filling out the application.

Fill out: Tempe Junior Crew 2019 Fall Membership Application

Step 4 – Review the 2019-2020 Tempe Junior Crew Parent/Athlete Handbook

Please download the 2018-2019 Tempe Junior Crew Parent/Athlete Handbook.  Parents and rowers will both need to sign an acknowledgement in the Waivers Packet that the handbook has been reviewed.

Download: Tempe Junior Crew Parent/Athlete Handbook

Step 5 – Print and Sign Waivers and Rules Packet

Each rower and parent/guardian must read and sign (in all applicable places) the 2018 Fall through 2019 Summer Waivers and Rules Packet.  These waivers will be good through Summer 2020.

The signed waiver and rules packet can be brought to the Parent/Team Meeting or scanned and emailed to membership@tempejuniorcrew.org.

If you recently completed an Intro to Row, you should have already turned this in.

Download: 2019 Fall through 2020 Summer TJC Waivers and Rules Packet

The signed waiver and rules packet should be scanned and emailed to membership@tempejuniorcrew.org.

Step 6 – Pay

Full Season Membership: TJC has three levels of rowing: Developmental, Junior Varsity, and Varsity.  Coach Imran decides who is on what team, but all teams practice 6 days per week.  The price for all teams is $1,000.

Two Week Trial Membership:  New rowers can try out TJC by signing up for a two week trial membership.  The two week trial membership costs $100 (Fee will be applied to full membership if rower continues with TJC.)

Payments may be made by check at the Parent/Team Meeting or paid through PayPal with an additional 3% surcharge to cover the PayPal fees.

2019 Fall Membership (plus 3% to cover PayPal fees)

2019 FallTwo Week Trial Membership (plus 3% to cover PayPal fees)

Step 7 – Attend Mandatory Parent/Team Meeting

Attend the mandatory Parent/Team Meeting on Monday, August 26, 2019 at 7 p.m. located at

Camelback Women’s Health
11209 North Tatum Boulevard Suite 255.
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Google Maps

All Fall rowers MUST attend with at least one parent/guardian.  Please know the dates of important events (e.g. SAT/ACT tests, AP tests, etc.) so you will know which regattas your rower can participate in.  Parents, please bring a checkbook to write post-dated checks for the regattas your rower will be participating in.

Registration questions should be directed to membership@tempejuniorcrew.org.