Intro to Row – Adult

This is the site to register for an Adult Intro to Row with Tempe Junior Crew.  If you are a junior rower (13-18 years old), then please go to our Junior Intro to Row page.

All of these steps must be completed to participate in the Intro to Row.

Registration Step 1 – Float Test

All Intro to Row participants are required to complete a Float Test to prove swimming competency.

Contact your local public pool or YMCA for Float Test availability.  Float Tests must be completed in a pool under the supervision of a lifeguard certified by the American Red Cross or equivalent.

Please download the Float Test Form for additional information.

Completed Float Test Forms should be scanned and emailed to

Download: Float Test Form

Registration Step 2 – Intro to Row Application

Please fill out the Tempe Junior Crew Online Intro to Row Online Application.

Fill Out: Adult Intro to Row Application

If you have multiple rowers participating, please fill out this form one time for each rower.

Registration Step 3 – Waivers

Each rower and parent/guardian must read and sign (in all applicable places) the Intro to Row Waivers.

The signed waiver should be scanned and emailed to or can be mailed.  Please email us for the mailing address.

Download: Adult Intro to Row Waiver and Rules Packet


Registration questions should be directed to