Rowing and COVID-19

Updated March 10, 2021

TJC COVID-19 Policy Short Version

  • Masks
  • Social distancing
  • Hand washing and good hygiene
  • Rowing in multi-rower boats when COVID rate is below 25 per 100,000
  • Rowing in singles when COVID spread 25 per 100,000 or above
  • Parent Opt-In Required
  • STAY HOME if you don’t feel well or have possibly been exposed
  • Notify club president if you or someone in your household tests positive

TJC COVID-19 Policy Long Version

Tempe Junior Crew is following the guidelines of the CDC, Arizona Department of Health, USRowing, Maricopa County, and the City of Tempe with regards to keeping our rowers safe and healthy.


The City of Tempe requires masks in all public spaces. There is an exception for people exercising outside, when maintaining proper social distancing. TJC requires masks as follows:

  • All rowers MUST wear masks when in the boathouse
  • All rowers MUST wear masks when not maintaining a minimum 6 feet of social distancing
  • Masks MUST cover the mouth and nose
  • Masks do NOT need to be worn when rowing on the water

Team Boats

Tempe Junior Crew will check the daily new cases per 100,000 (7 day moving average) every Monday morning to determine the plan for the week.  If new cases are below 25 per 100,000 (7 day moving average) in Maricopa County then rowers will be permitted to row in multi-rower boats.

Rowing in multi-rower boats requires parents to opt-in. An email must be received by the club president from a rower’s parent stating they are permitting their rower to row in a multi-rower boat.

Diligence and Self-Responsibility

We appreciate everyone doing their part so we can keep each other healthy and safe. Your diligence with regards to masks and social distancing will allow us to keep our boats out on the water.

If you or someone you have been in close contact with does not feel well, please do not come to practice.

If you or someone you have been close with has tested positive for COVID-19, please let us know so we can take appropriate steps to prevent spread. We will keep people’s identities confidential when requested.

Questions regarding the Tempe Junior Crew COVID-19 Policy should be directed to